Everyone is going to want to move to the Chicago area.  I'm telling you.  First we get Wonder! and now Clinton Kelly is bringing his new stylist concept to Orland Square Mall! The first location to open, Perfect Fit by Clinton Kelly is a new spin on custom tailoring.  You walk into the store with your outfits in  need of help and his professional stylists give you the rundown on how to fix the look, pin it and send it to the back to be tailored.  You pick up the garment the same day or the next day and it has the perfect fit.  Here is a video where Kelly describes the concept.


This is great for people who have lost weight or women who have had children and their clothes just don't seem to fit quite right anymore.  Or if you love to find vintage pieces but need a better fit.

I am going to raid my closet for the now ill fitting pre baby clothes and I'll let you know how it goes!

For more information go to ClintonKelly.com.

Would you use a service like this?  What do you think?

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