I have been living in Chicago for over 14 years and if there is one thing I have learned a quality winter coat is key! Our winters are LONG and that means you will get alot of use out of your winter coat. As a stay at home mom to a 5 year old and a two year old that means we will be out and about all winter long. Finding the best winter coat for myself that will keep me warm but that is also stylish can be hard to do!  When shopping for the best winter coat, I look for the following things:

1. Good Quality

2. Warmth

3. Hood

4. Style

5. color

6. Details

I had the opportunity to review 4 coats from top retailers. I will be honest that this was a tough challenge!

Coat #1 The Gap puffer Jacket $99. This coat would be perfect for quick trips to the store, or mall but it didn't meet all my requirments. On a scale of 10, I would get this coat a 5.

Coat #2 LL Bean warm and light belted coat $179.00. When I first saw this coat, I loved the belted detail on it. This coat is made well and I love the hood. The hood zips off easily and I love the fleece inside of the wrist. This coat defintely would keep you warm. I would give this coat a 7 out of 10.

#3 Nautica Puffer coat with hood $199. If you take a look inside my coat closet you will find a sea of black coats. The first thing I immediately loved about the Nautica coat was the gorgeous color! I loved the lining of the hood, it was super soft and cozy. Being a stay at home mom these days, I loved all of the pockets on this coat! I find myself stuffing all kinds of things in various pockets. I really loved this coat and I know that it will be worn a lot this winter season. I give this coat an 8 out of 10.

#4 Land's End Shimmer Down Parka $179. 50. I knew right away from touching this coat for the first time that it would become my favorite. I love the way it feels, the warmth, all of the details are amazing and love that the hood snaps off insead of zips! I also love that when you take off the hood, you get an entire different look. Pockets are important as well and this coat has them & a secret pocket in the inside!  I know that this will be a coat that I not only will wear everyday this winter but for years to come!  This coat gets 10 out of 10!

Which coat is your favorite? What do you look for in a quality coat?


The Quality Coat Review was a blind review.  In order to give my unbiased opinions, I am unaware of the company that sponsored the effort.  While the opinions are my own, I am being compensated through Mom Spark Media for my time.