For the Holiday Gift Guide 2011, the first ever holiday gift guide from The Little Style File, we decided to go big.  Really big.  Not only did we pick our favorite products from our favorite brands and put them into an easy to browse online magazine directly linking all products to their websites to purchase but The Little Style File is also bringing you 25 days of giveaways starting Monday!

Beginning on November 21st, everyday there will be a giveaway a day for 25 days.  If you counted, you would see it's really 27 days because we just added an extra 2 in, but we'll use our creative license since 25 - December 25th, you get the idea.

A full list of giveaways and dates can be found on page 25 of the gift guide.  A few standouts are $100 gift card to The Land of Nod, $100 gift card to The Tea Collection, a ZUM Balance Bike, Plasma Car, and on and on.  Enter one or enter them all, there is no limit to how many an individual can win.

The gift guide is broken up into catergories like Let's Go!, Create, Imagine, Book Worms, etc.  Click expand to view the gift guide in full screen and move your mouse onto the page to highlight the links.  If you then hover over the title/image, it will turn grey and the link address will appear.  When clicking the link you will be taken directly to the site to purchase the product.

Please feel free to take the code and share where ever you like!