We hope you enjoyed getting to know Vera a little bit better today! We just adore her and wanted to share some of her fabulous fashion tips!

TLSF: What is your advice to other mom's on remaining stylish even with being at home with the kids?

VS: Don't forget who you were before you had kids. I have MANY off days where I live in my pajamas - but I did that in college too. I am still true to myself even at 34. When I go out, I HAVE to put makeup on and a pair of skinny jeans. I want my children to learn that they should take care of themselves too. It's about keeping yourself on your list of important people.

Do I get weekly manicures? No. I do my own nails these days. So, yes, there are differences in my life now that I am a mom. However, I still make sure to remember to take care of myself.
TLSF: Are you a bargain hunter when it comes to fashion? If so, what are your bargain hunting tips?
VS: I have two mindsets when it comes to this. I do shop flash sale sites and the majority of my wardrobe comes from online finds. However, if I see a bag or a pair of boots that I LOVE I buy it. I don't splurge like this too often  but if you checked my closet you would find some pricey pieces.  I won't spend a lot of money on shirts or sweaters. Only on pieces that will last YEARS-jeans, shoes, bags. I have heels from high school that I still wear and no I am not kidding. :)
I also try to get to the outlets three or four times a year. But I don't go CRAZY. I buy staple pieces like solid color sweaters and cardigans.

Another tip I would love to put out there is to not follow the trends. I'm very New York. Most of my clothing is neutral (black, beige, grey, navy, white). My closet will never go out of style and I like to keep it that way. If I bought into the trends, I would have to constantly update my wardrobe and that is something I cannot afford.
TLSF: As a newly stay at home mom myself, I amstruggling with staying stylish on a regular basis. What are your 3 everyday style"must's" or "must haves" for mom's
VS: Put on makeup, mascara at a minimum. If you don't have acne, you don't really have to put on foundation. I suffer from rosacea and I unfortunately have to put on at least powder before leaving my house. Dress like you are going to run into someone from high school. LOL!

 Find a great pair of fitted jeans and buy them. They will change your life. If you don't own skinny jeans yet, check out JBrand. They have stretch in them that works wonders!
 Learn how to dress your body type. My mid-region is my problem area so I know I look good in layers. Figure out what works for you. Go to a personal shopper in Bloomingdales (they are free) and have them work with you. They will put you in things that you never would have picked. You don't have to buy anything - it's not required. Just do it and see what the professionals choose for you
TLSF: What are the top 5 items that you lusting after for winter? What is one item that every mom should have in their wardrobe?
Vs: Every mom should have a pair of knee high black boots. Stay away from chunky heels (for the rest of your life). They will never come back in style. Opt for a thinner heel and don't worry about buckles and extra accessories on the shoe. Keep it simple and fabulous.

Top 5 items I am lusting after:
2. knit tights
4. statement jewelry (necklaces and bracelets)
5. faux fur vest (in my mind I want this - not sure I will actually wear it though)
TLSF: If you were going on a trip tomorrow, what are 3 things you couldn't leave home without?
VS: I would NEVER leave home without my iphone - EVER a flat iron my entire makeup bag - and it's big. particularly - ELF eyeliner, Clinique Mascara High Lengths, Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer
TLSF: What can we look forward to seeing from you in 2012?
VS: I can't talk about any of it!! LOL - not yet at least. But I will say that fashion week is going to be insane this year AND I'm traveling overseas for a company. Those are my favorite upcoming opportunities.
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