Mia is the oldest TLSF kid and will be turning 6 in March. A few weeks ago she discovered that two of her bottom teeth were loose! She was super excited and couldn't wait for the Tooth Fairy to visit our house! Last week while eating a bowl of cereal, her first tooth fell out! It is amazing to see so much excitement come from losing a tooth! She immediately ran up to her room and grabbed her little personalized pewter tooth fairy box that has been waiting patiently for the last 4 years to house a tooth . We realize that losing your first tooth is a HUGE milestone in a kids life! Why not make losing a tooth fun? Here are some of our favorite ways to do it!

tooth fairy ideas

1.Official Tooth Fairy Certificate 2. Personalized Tooth Fairy Dish 3.Shark Tooth Fairy Pillow 4.Tooth Fairy Pals 5.You Think It's Easy Being the tooth fairy? Book 6.Tooth Fairy Baking Party 7.Truman's Loose Tooth Book 8.Personalized Tooth Fairy Box 9.Tooth Fairy Pillow 10. Tooth Fairy Kit .11.Tooth Fairy Keepsake Box 12.Birdie Tooth Fairy Pillow

Mia the moment after she lost her tooth!

What fun ways do you celebrate your kids loosing their teeth?