We've been talking glasses today on The Little Style File.  CLICK HERE to see Ellie's new look and CLICK HERE to read all about children's eye exams and how to choose glasses for your kids.

Now lets talk frames.  Not what hangs on the walls in your kids' rooms, the other kind of frames.  For me, the most overwhelming part about my child getting glasses was picking out the frames.

Not only did I have an almost five year old begging for frames that were hot pink with peace signs, but I was trying to pick one set of glasses to match every outfit.  Now that is pressure!  Obviously you need to try frames on your child to see what looks best, but here our some of our favorite cool frames for $175 and under.

cool kids glasses

1. LC Basics,  2. Polo Prep,  3. Miraflex,  4. Converse, 5. Polo Prep,  6. Rayban,  7. Totally Rimless,  8. Solo Bambini, 9. Solo Bambini

What do you think?  Rubber, plastic, metal - which frames do your kids have?