The Big Game is coming up this weekend.  If your kids are like ours, they are very excited and can't wait to watch.  Well, that may be the influences of our husbands.  But either way, here are some cool finds to make watching 'The Big Game' even more exciting for the smallest football fans.  

superbowl fun

1. Giants Pillow Pet,  2. Tom Brady Headband,  3. Football Rattle,  4. Patriots Dress,  5. Keep Calm Tee,  6. Giants Zip Up,  7. Patriots Hairbow,  8. Rookie Hat,  9. Heroes,  10. Football Blanket,  11. Personalized Football Tee,  12. Giants Hoodie,  13. Patriots Uniform,  14. DIY Cake Pops,  15. Football Bunting,  16. Patriots Pillow Pet

Who will you be cheering for this Sunday?