We are beyond excited that we had the opportunity to interview Kelly Florio Kasouf, daughter of Steven Florio. Steven Florio was the CEO/President of Conde Nast publications for 2o years. Kelly grew up within the walls of Conde Nast publications and it is no suprise that she has a wonderful story to tell! She is the author of the a magical and wonderful children's book about a little girl, Sophie exploring different worlds within her daddy's office!

TLSF: What made you decide to write "The Super Adventures of Sophie and the City"?

Kelly: I was pregnant with my daughter Sophie at the time and very much missing my dad. I was up yet again late night feeling nauceous and came up with idea of writing all my memories down I had with my Dad. Turns out by 7 AM I had written a children's book instead!

TLSF: How did growing up with a Dad that was the CEO/President of Conde Nast make you the person you are today?

Kelly: He was not just a leader but an extremely creative marketer. He only hired people that he thought were smarter than him which was a piece of advice he always gave me, surround yourself with people smarter than you and learn to delegate in order to bring the best out of each person.

TLSF: What is your favorite memory as a child living in NYC?

Kelly: I actually grew up outside of NYC in the suburbs on Long Island which is why I feel I am still impressed with the awesomeness that is NYC to this day. The trips in to the city to visit dad or for day excursions were always filled with the most amazing times. From 21 burgers and private screenings of films to the MTV music awards and Met tours, my parents always had something fun for us up their sleeve.

TLSF: What is the fondest memory of your dad?

Kelly: My wedding day when he first saw me in my wedding gown. He cried and then he drove me and my mom to the church in this 1920s car and wouldn't stop staring at me in the backseat from the rearview mirror. I told him eyes on the road Pops! He kept telling me he was so proud of me. I never understood how he could be proud of me for not doing anything. I was getting married, I didn't cure cancer. But now being a mother, I understand what he was talking about. He was proud of the woman I was and the woman I was to become.

TLSF: How do you juggle your life as an author and a mom?

Kelly: Very carefully! I schedule all meetings around naps and school!

TLSF: What are your must have brands when dressing your kids

Kelly: Basics: Gap, Picture Day: CrewCuts, Holidays: Papa D'anjo, Stella McCartney, Mini Milly and Brooks Brothers.


TLSF: What are your favorite things to do with your kids in NYC?

Kelly: Central Park Sheeps Meadow, Ice Cream at CiaoBellas, Burgers at PJ Clarkes and Ice Skating at the Standard

TLSF: As busy mom's we know that staying stylish can be hard! What are your 3 style "must haves" for mom's?

Kelly: Moisturizer and a Facialist on speed dial. I love Christine Chin on the Lower East Side. Gloss for my hair when it looks dreadful. I like Frederic Fekkai's high gloss spray, and Fresh Brown Sugar Body Scrub. I use it everywhere at least twice a week.

TLSF: If you were stranded on an Island, What 3 things would you not be able to live without?

Kelly: Husband, Son, Daughter

We are beyond excited that Sophie will be back for a new adventure just in time for the 2012 Holiday's and it will be all about Art Deco Glamour!

"The Super Adventures of Sophie and the City" makes the perfect gift for the fashionista in your life, big or small! Thank you Kelly for letting us interview you! We know that their are exciting things to come for Sophie!

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