If you have walked into a mall lately than you have probably noticed the swimwear departments popping up! It personally makes me cringe at the thought of putting on a swimsuit. I do love seeing the bright and bold colors and  have fun to shopping for my kids swimwear each year! If you are heading on a spring break vacation than we are  sure you have swimsuits on your "to buy" list! Here are some of our favorite for boys!  

boys swimwear

1. Patchwork Swim Trunks  2. Mosaic Board Shorts  3. Electric Beach Trunks  4. Tiki Board Swim Trunks  5. Floral Print Surf Shorts  6. Riva Boat Swim Trunks  7. O Bloom Boardshorts  8. Turtle Swim Trunks  9. Surf Camp Board shorts  10. Surf Shorts  11. Cherry Bomb Board Shorts