Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Jewel (JEWEL!!!) over the phone.  I am such a huge Jewel fan, my first no-parents concert was in 1997 for her Tiny Lights tour at the Chicago Theater.  Our parents split a limo 7ish ways because no one trusted a bunch of 16 year olds to drive into the city on their own.  My sister and I may or may not have worn through our "Pieces of You" tape in high school. Jewel and I chatted about must have baby products, what a typical day is like being mom to 7 month old Kase and what projects are coming up next for her.  

TLSF:  Jewel, thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us today!  We are huge fans and would love to know what the typical day is like for you as a new mom.

JEWEL:  The baby just started sleeping all night long so that is very exciting.  He wakes up early and I feed him right away, I'm breast feeding, and, you know, we spend the day in nap and feeding increments.  He really likes to go outside so I feed him and we do our little things, check our emails and then go outside.  My husband is able to work from home so he spends as much time with the baby as I do so we just go outside for walks together on the ranch.  Then he comes in and eats and naps and we go outside again and it is pretty much that kind of routine.


TLSF:  What has been your biggest challenge as a new mom so far?  Is there anything you found that came surprisingly easy to you?

JEWEL:  I was really nervous about postpartum because you hear so much about it.  I think everything before your delivery is so scary because you worry if you are going to have postpartum depression.  Luckily I didn't.  Things went easier than I thought it would.  It's so disorienting, at least for me, the first two weeks of having a baby.  I had to have a c-section and I think it is totally bizarre that you don't get practice babies.  It's the most important thing in your life and it's your first time and you just don't want to get it wrong.  Surprisingly enough, your instincts do kick in and you can relax.


TLSF:  What is the best advice you received about being a new parent?

JEWEL:  Something that I took to heart during pregnancy was what a lot of friends said, to just enjoy it.  It can seem uncomfortable during pregnancy or the sort of blur that it is with a newborn but just really try to enjoy it and I really took that to heart.  I'm a very Type A person and want everything perfect and I had heard that type of personality can really set yourself up for failure when you are trying to be perfect all the time.  So that is probably the best advice I got, to just try to relax and really tasked myself to just enjoy it.  I think as a parent you don't have that confident feeling because everything changes.  Every new phase is a new phase and as soon as you get one phase figured out you are into a new phase.  For me I think that was just the best advice - to learn to relax and enjoy yourself and enjoy the process.


1. Aden & Anais Swaddling Blankets    2. "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child"    3. "Happiest Baby on the Block"    4. Nap Nanny    5. Bumbo    6. Yummy Spoonfuls Organic Baby Food


TLSF:  How has your music inspiration for writing music changed since becoming a mom?

JEWEL:  Yeah, I put out two kids records, one is called "Lullaby" which I wrote while I was tyring to get pregnant.  I really wanted something that I thought would soothe him and I wanted to sing in a way that would just soothe him.  It's been neat how many parents have been receiving it as gifts.  It's really an honor to know I have been touching precious lives like that.  It's one of my favorite albums I've ever done.  Then while I was pregnant I wanted to write kind of a follow up for toddlers who are a little older and can dance to it before they really understand the words.  And it's toddler so it's cute stories and good morals as they get older to sort of teach him not to be afraid of the dark and use your imagination and things like that.  So that is my second album "The Merry Goes Round" and it's been fun to see kids grow from "Lullaby" into "The Merry Goes Round." And to hear how parents love to share it in the car with them, it's been a really neat and creative for me that way.


TLSF: What was your favorite song as child?

Jewel:  Hmm...I liked yodeling.  I don't know why, I got really into yodeling.  My dad yodeled and I guess it tickled my fancy and there is this song called "Chime Bells" that I religiously practiced and practiced and practiced to try to learn how to yodel at a bizarrely young age.


TLSF:  Does your son have a favorite song that you sing to him?

JEWEL:  We have a lot of silly songs.  He has a song in the morning, he has a little cow he likes - a cow blankie - and I make pop songs.  Just stuff I make up.  Every morning I sing him a little cow song, a little pop song and in the evening we have 'naked baby time' so I have a pop dance, a naked baby dance song.


TLSF:  Has your personal style changed since becoming a mom?

JEWEL:  I've always been a pretty 'no fuss no muss' kind of girl.  It's funny because I dress him up a lot.  Like we live on the ranch, nobody sees him, he is like my own private baby out here.


TLSF:  What is your favorite brand to dress him in?

JEWEL:  Baby Gap.  I like that I can find little skullies and also get that look of classic Americana.



Jewel describes her style as Bohemian.  For spring she is looking forward to floral maxi's and likes their ease while pregnant and nursing.

 1, 2, 3, 4

What's next for Jewel?  Lots of quality time with her baby, a Christmas album this holiday season, a children's book in 2013 and "maybe something similar to 'Pieces of You' in the future."  You can join Jewel for a Facebook Chat on Fisher Price's Fan Page today at 2:30 EST!

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Thanks again, Jewel, it was a pleasure to get a glimpse into your life as a new mom!