There are so many times I pin something on Pinterest, think what a great project it would be in my spare time and then never look at it again.  This was not one of those times. A colorful wreath popped up in my 'Pinners I Follow' section and I had to get a closer look.  It turns out that this entire wreath was made out of balloons!  It looked complicated and time consuming, but when I followed the link to check out how to make it, I learned that you only need a plain straw wreath, balloons and pins.  Sounds easy enough!  Here is a more detailed tutorial on how to make a balloon wreath for your next event.


Supplies for a 14" Wreath:

1 Straw Wreath, 14 inches.  LEAVE IN PLASTIC!

400  5" ballons in theme colors

400 floral pins or straight pins

optional: scrapbook paper & ribbon



1.  Fill your DVR with your favorite shows.

2.  Grab your favorite beverage, my suggestion would be a nice glass of red.

3.  Lay out supplies.

4.  Take a balloon, push pin through the balloon and into the wreath.

5.  Repeat Step 4, 400 times.

6.  If you would like to add ribbon with an initial, name or design, pin it on to the front top of the wreath before pinning on balloons.

7.  Continue pinning until the entire wreath is covered and there are no gaps.  To be sure, hang the wreath and examine from all angles.

Ellie just had a Magic Party with the colors black, white and pink.  Here is the balloon wreath I made in progress: balloon wreath tutorial

balloon wreath tutorial

Final balloon wreath:

balloon wreath tutorial

balloon wreath tutorial

balloon wreath tutorial

Total project time was about four hours and I did it all while catching up on my favorite shows.  You could create a bunch of mini balloon wreaths for table centerpieces or hang photos in the middle for a photo wall.  The possibilities are endless!

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