Are you gearing up for spring break? A few weeks ago we shared with you our favorite swimsuits for boys, girls, Rash Guards, casual sandals, essentials for the beach and cool finds for the little Jetsetter! We spend a lot of time out in the sun with our kids in the spring & summer and always want to make sure that their eyes and skin are protected! We gathered up our favorite shades and hats for kids!  

kids sunglasses

1. Fishermen Hats  2. Jeweled Sunglasses  3. Reversible Bucket Hat  4. Trucker Hat   5. Shiny Sunglasses   6. Beauty Sunglasses

 7. Retro Sunglasses  8. Straw Hat  9. Straw Ribbon Fedora  10. Aviator Sunglasses  11. Wide Brim Hat  12. Ploarized Sunglasses

13. City Pop Cap  14. Straw Sun Hat  15. Flag Print Hat