We have to admit we love a nice diaper bag and can get a bit obsessed with them but the truth is our diaper bag days are pretty much over. It would be silly for us to invest money in a beautiful but expensive diaper bag just to shove a few diapers, wipes and sippy's into it! We would rather put our money towards a great bag (one that can get many years of use)  but don't want to junk it up with all of our kid stuff! We were excited to discover PishPosh Mommy Carryall Organizer! We are in love with the idea that you can fill up a quick zip carryall and pop into your purse! It makes for changing your purse a snap and with kids is a plus! Kristin and I show how easy it is to pack up the carryall organizer and how easy it fits into your purse!

We also love the PishPosh Mommy diaper clutch  for quick trips and the wet bag for visists to the beach and pool this summer!

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Have you ditched your diaper bag for your fabulous handbags that are waiting for you in your closet yet?