Little Choux is one of our favorite online shops. If you are on the hunt for creative, unique and adorable items for yourself and your kids, then you will love everything at Little Choux! Every year right around Mother's Day it always seems that I am looking for the perfect tote bag that I can use all summer long to take to the beach, pool and park. We are  loving the circle  tote from Little Choux! This bag is perfect to haul all your kids things but will also look great if you are carrying it just as a tote for yourself! You get to choose your favorite circle tote in TLSF really BIG Mother's day Pin-Away that starts on Monday!!!!

Enter to win a Little Choux circle tote as well as thousands in other prizes in TLSF Really BIG Mother’s Day Pin-Away starting Monday, April 23! If you need a pinterest invite, let us know!

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