We wanted to take the kids on a getaway over spring break but just wanted to do something that would only have us in the car for a couple of hours. We live in the suburbs of Chicago and are just about 3 hours from the Wisconsin Dells. Mia and Dylan are 2 1/2 years old and 6, we had heard wonderful things about Great Wolf Lodge and thought it would be a great fit for our staycation! We packed the kids up and head to the cheese state! As soon as we got off the highway exit you immediately see Great Wolf Lodge and the excitement from the kids started that second! We arrived a few hours before traditional check in time but the staff accommodated us. They told my husband they would have a room ready for us right away and gave him a key but told him they would call when the room was ready & let us know the actual room number. We parked the car and grabbed our bags. Within about 15 minutes his phone rang and we walked into our room! The kids went crazy when they walked into the room and discovered they had a Wolf Den to sleep in for the night!  

The Wolf Den is perfect for families with young kids. They were tucked away in their "den" in bunk beds with a TV and video games. We loved it because our kids go to bed early and the Wolf Den allowed us to be able to watch TV and have the lights off. We didn't have to worry about waking them up!

The water park was great! We loved that it was big but not too big for our little kids! The kids loved  Fort McKenzie a 4 story interactive tree house , crooked creek, slap tail pond, frog pond log walk, raccoon lagoon, thunder bay and Hawk's beak. The four of us had a great time enjoying each other and playing in the water. It was a great time to put away the cell phones and just enjoy our family. The great thing about the water park at Great Wolf is their really is something for every age to enjoy! My kids aren't ready for the BIG water slides yet but that doesn't mean that mommy and daddy didn't enjoy a few!

After we went back to our room, took quick showers and cleaned up, we headed down to the Northern Lights Arcade. My husband called it "chucky cheese" but without Chucky! Which is a good thing, for my daughter that is deathly afraid of characters that are dressed up! :) The kids enjoyed playing game and winning prizes.

There are several places to eat within Great Wolf Lodge but we opted to head over to Buffalo Phil's. Buffalo Phil's has a train that delivers food to your table! We had to wait about 30 minutes for a "train table". Knucleheads is attach and it made the 30 minute wait go by fast. The kids especially Dylan absolutely loved seeing the train coming around to our table and delivering our food & drinks!At 8:00 each night at Great Wolf Lodge is story time! Dylan and I decided to have a little mommy/son time and head down to the clock tower to check it out. (Mia is very scared of characters and didn't want to take a chance that she might see Violet or Wiley down in the lobby!) It was super cute to sit down in the lobby in front of the clock tower with all of the other kids in their pajama's and parents. Dylan was beyond excited to see Wiley the wolf come out for story time, he even got his picture with him!

The next morning we woke up and headed down Camp Critter to enjoy a buffet breakfast. The nice thing about Great Wolf is that you can stay all day the day of you check out. You can even pay $40 to have a late check out and have access to your hotel room. We enjoyed a few more hours at the water park. Before we left we checked out Magic Quest. Kids are able to explore a enchanted kingdom while using a magic wand.  Since we have young kids we take part in Magic Quest but this is the perfect venue if you have older kids and they want to do something other than spend time at the water park. Cub club  is a never great place within the lodge where kids can go enjoy reading books, doing crafts and other fun activities.

We didn't have time to visit Scoops kid spa (probably one of Mia's big disappointments!) but it is super cute & is at the top of our list for our next visit! All you have to say is kids spa & the girls go crazy! Before we headed back home, the kids wanted to pick out something to remember our trip by, which I think is always important. The kids were very happy to discover The Great Wolf Stuffing Station! Mia chose Violet and Dylan chose Wiley has their souvenirs of the trip. They were able to help stuff their wolves and see them come alive!

The Great Wolf Lodge is really a great place to get away with your family for one night or a few! It is a perfect staycation especially when getting on a plane with your kids isn't an option. They have everything for every age group! We had a blast and cannot wait to go back! We would love to visit Great Wolf in the summer because they have even more to enjoy outside! What is your favorite easy get away with your family?


Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. I did received a discounted room from Great Wolf Lodge. All opinions are my own and honest.