I have to admit that I don't know much when it comes to Superheroes!  I am the mother to an almost 3 year old boy, I have realized I need to attend Superhero 101. Dylan is crazy about Superheroes right now and it doesn't matter if it is Bat Man, The Hulk, Super Man etc.. he loves them all! These days you can find Superhero items where ever you go. We have rounded up TLSF Superhero favorites!

 1. DC Comics Superhero Pajama's  2. Junkfood Superhero Towel Cape  3. Funko Classic Captain America Plushie 

4. Superhero Bolt Belts 5. Junkfood Superhero Sneakers 6. My First Superman Book 7. Girls Batman T-shirt  8. Girls Superhero Cape  9. Design Your Own Superhero Cape 10. Superhero Doodles For Kids

Are your kids into Superheroes? Who is their favorite Hero?