If you are like me, the thought of a rainy day on summer vacation can leave you shaking in your shoes.  "What are we doing today?" and "But I want to go outside!" are on repeat. Thanks to Kid Made Modern, a line of kids crafts projects with a creative spin, the kids will be content crafting all day long.


From Comic Book Kits to Jewelry Making Kits to Make Your Own Board Books, Kid Made Modern has a project for everyone.  There are even entire projects made out of duct tape!  But what really stands out about Kid Made Modern is the quality of the supplies.  The colored pencils are easy to grip and sharpen, the paper is heavy and lets kids feel like real artists.  In fact, just the Mini Colored Pencils and drawing pad can keep my little artists busy all day long!

My five year old is coming up with ideas to write her first book a series of four from the Kid Made Modern Board Book Set and I see much jewelry making in our future this summer!  To see all of the Kid Made Modern projects, visit Target.com or head to your local Target in the kids craft section.

How do you beat the rainy day blues in your house?


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