About a year ago my favorite photographer came up with a wacky idea. "What if we work together and do a Surprise Session?  All the families will do is show up.  We will have a scene set and all of the clothes waiting for them.  What do you think?"

Um, that sounds pretty freaking awesome.  What parent wouldn't want to just show up with their kids and have everything ready to go?

So Gina Cristine Photography announced the Surprise Mini Session and it quickly filled up.

Over the last several months a theme and color scheme were selected by Gina and session stylist Jennifer.  We met over our favorite Starbucks drinks to discuss ideas and make sure the Surprise Session vision was cohesive.

Betsy and I scoured Etsy and our favorite designers, working within our $50 per child budget to get each family a complete outfit for the best value.  We discovered Thread Culture, which everyone should heart on Etsy ASAP, called in our friends at Tom & Drew and filled in the gaps with staples from Crewcuts, Gap Kids and Old Navy with a few 'couture' friendship bracelets thrown in for good measure.

Now I would be lying if I said that I wasn't a little nervous about seven families showing up for a photo session without a clue to what their kids would be wearing.  Thankfully, everyone was thrilled and we can't wait to see the finished images from Gina!  Until then, here is a little behind the scenes peek at the Summer '12 Gina Cristine Surprise Mini Session! {WARNING:  amateaur photos were taken by me on my iPhone ahead!}

Interested in having TLSF style your next shoot?  Send us an email at info@thelittlestylefile.com.  Visit GinaCristinePhotography.com for information on Gina and her fab team of photographers!