OK, the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, Wimbledon and now the Olympics?  We are loving all things from across the pond!  While The Little Style File is Team USA all the way, we  can't resist adding a little Union Jack this summer.

1. Union Jack Throw Cushion, 2. London Travel Changing Baby Matt, 3. Union Jack Shoes, 4. Double Decker Tee, 5. Union Jack Holdall, 6. Union Jack Flag Skirt, 7. Original Kids British Boots, 8. Union Jack Bunting, 9. Union Jack Blazer, 10. London Union Jack Throw, 11. Buckingham Palace Messenger Bag, 12. London Bus Art, 13. Union Jack Hoodie, 14. Union Jack Shift Dress, 15. Queen Jubilee Floor Pillow

Are you loving London?