In any new relationship, eventually the initial rosy glow one feels gives way to a more real understanding of your new object of affection.  Such was my experience in diving deeper into The Dailey Method.  And you know what?  This one’s a keeper.

 The first few sessions of my experience at The Dailey Method were pretty topical – “ooh it’s so clean in here!  The staff is so nice!  My body hurts but in a good way!”  After this work-out beginner’s high began to wear off, I started to understand the Dailey Method in a more real way.

Attending classes led by different instructors allowed me to better understand exactly what it is that The Dailey Method is trying to help your body achieve.  I began to learn a variety of exercises, each targeting different muscle groups, but I also began to understand the thinking behind the Dailey Method and how it tones and sculpts bodies so effectively.  As the instructors led us through different series of exercises, they would explain exactly how each exercise worked your body and what to do to get the most out of it.

Here are some basics that The Dailey Method emphasizes:

  • isolating different sets of muscles with exercises that target specific muscle groups
  • stretching: stretching the area of muscles you just worked on is key to creating a longer, leaner muscle.  (who knew?  I always thought stretching came before the workout but maybe I’m not the best authority on that since most of my “workout” knowledge came from 6th grade gym).
  • focusing on your core.  Having a strong, stable core is key to developing every other set of muscles in your body.  It is the center of everything, or you know, the core.
  • neutral spine;  this is focusing on the muscles that stabilize the spine leading to better posture.


Each of these points of emphasis is restated throughout class to remind you to be conscious of everything you are doing.

I came to discover that some series were surprisingly easy for me, such as triceps and biceps (this was definitely a surprise, as I am one who can only do “girl pushups” with my knees down), while others, such as the series focusing on quads, were very difficult.

I am one to cut corners when in extreme physical discomfort (doesn’t everyone?).  I always thought of that as more of a self-preservation thing – I mean, I didn’t want to die doing the Dailey Method (which seemed like a very real possibility a few sets into the quad series).  But the instructor forces you to be honest with yourself; is this really the lowest I can go?  is this really my best posture?  can I push myself any farther?  These reminders were invaluable to my outlook and progress.

Dailey Method, I am continuing to learn about you as we spend more time together…your guiding principles and philosophies, your likes and dislikes.  You get my heart racing, you make me weak in the knees.  I think this could be the beginning of a wonderful relationship.


Disclosure:  I was provided with a 30 day trial at The Dailey Method Chicago to conduct this review.  All opinions are my own.