Since last January I have received quite the education in children's vision.  When Ellie was diagnosed as being far sighted with astigmatisms in both eyes, we quickly learned the do's and don'ts of eye exams, that sparkly pink glasses make everyone happy and about fun organizations like Great Glasses Play Day.

Great Glasses Play Day is happening August 5th around the world.  It's a day to get out and play and celebrate children who wear glasses as well as bring awareness that early screening matters.  I was honored to put together an outfit inspiration board as well as a party inspiration board for Great Glasses Play Day!

To find locations near you hosting a Great Glasses Play Day CLICK HERE, to learn how you can get your community involved CLICK HERE, or to celebrate online CLICK HERE.  You can even shop for apparel and accessories for Great Glasses Play Day HERE.  Ellie has her shirt and is ready to party!

great glasses play day

Does your child have glasses?  How will you celebrate Great Glasses Play Day?