A special thanks to Rue La La for providing our outfits for BlogHer 12!

The first days of BlogHer12 are now just a blur of sessions and parties and more parties!  Betsy and I went to the Hasbro party on Friday night.  We danced with Transformers and took photos with My Little Ponies.  Our party let out right into the middle of Times Square.

Saturday morning we went to Getting Gorgeous and met a friendly banana.  I'm wearing my silk C&C California dress standing in front of my color match at the MoMA!  If only we would have had time to walk inside!

Later that day we boarded the bus - yes, the big yellow kind! - and headed to Lands End U.  We'll tell you more about that tomorrow!

Class pictures, anyone?!

If you have never been to a BlogHer before, you probably have no idea what a SparkleCorn is or what you do at CheeseburgHer.  Let's just say it's where exhaustion meets dance songs from high school mixed with a photo booth.

Sunday it was time to say goodbye to our island of Manhattan.  But before we left, we were able to squeeze in shopping on 5th Avenue and a few extra tourist photos.

What a whirlwind!  In 4 days we were in the same room as Martha Stewart, Katie Couric and Kate Gosslin.  Met hundreds of fun brands, even more amazing women in social media, made a few big plans and are equal parts inspired and tired.

As we were picking up our bags from the hotel lobby, we overheard a group of three bloggers saying their good-byes and that they will follow up on whatever ideas they had been discussing all weekend.  It was that moment when it hit me.  That I truly understood what BlogHer is all about.  Turning connections into partnerships and ideas into plans.  I can't wait to see what comes out of BlogHer12!

Disclosure:  Our fabulous outfits were provided by Rue La La.  All opinions are honest and our own.