Style starts at a young age and kids love to feel great about what they're wearing Kindergartners! Kids are filled with their own style opinions at five and we love to help them feel great and be comfortable while mastering the monkey bars. We are happy to introduce you to two adorable and sweet twins that headed off to Kindergarten this year, Delia and Lucinda! Expressing your individuality can be hard to do as a twin. Lucinda likes to dress the same and well Delia on the other hand does not! Lucinda LOVES pink and her sister dislikes it! I wanted to give them both items that fit their personality, allow them to be individuals but also embrace the coolness of being a twin! I found two awesome dresses that I fell in love with from the fabulous ZozoBugBaby! We love this clothing line because it is all about color and having fun, that fits Lucinda and Delia to a T! When dressing for Kindergarten we want kids to have fun and enjoy what they wear each day!

Lucinda: Garden Blush Flower Hair ClipI Had A Favorite Dress, Crystal Kniteed Bracelet, Cupcake Dress, Prize On by Mary Janes

Delia: Knitted Beret, Streamer Dress, Birdie's Big Girl Dress,Crystal Knitted Bracelet , Prize On by Mary Janes

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