Since I was three years old I have been going to Arizona to visit relatives at least once a year.  The scenery is beautiful with mountains, palm trees and cacti in every direction.  Arizona is so vastly different than the Midwest it is like traveling to a far off place, not just the Southwest corner of our own country. In the past 5.5 years, my kids have gone to Arizona at least 7 times.  Here are our top 5 things to do when you're a tourist in Arizona.


1) Get the Southwestern style.  

Saba's is the place to go for everything Dessert Southwest.  From the perfect hat to moccasins to boots, Saba's has it all with enough fringe for the entire family!  Ellie now travels to Arizona in her boots and hat, causing quite the stir at the airport.  My girl has the Wild West in her soul and is proud to call herself a cow girl!


2) Ride a horse.

After you have the hat and boots, it's time to ride!  Just remember summer is not the time for horseback riding, November-April works best.  Kids as young as 3 can go for rides in the foot hills.

3) Go Wild!

The Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium that is.  Kids will love the opportunity to feed animals, ride the Sky Ride/River Boat/Train/Merry Go Round/Log Ride and learn all about the exotic animals.

4) Get hands on.

Childrens Museum of Phoenix was ranked one of the best Children's museums by in 2011 and doesn't disappoint!  You and your kids will love all of the different ways to get creative with play and learning all happening in downtown Phoenix.

Where are your favorite places to travel with your kids?