It's that time of year when kids are whining and parents are's holiday photo card time! This year will be different.  This year is going to be FUN.  Maybe still a little stressful, but fun!  Without revealing too much of our own family holiday photos, here are three ways to make your holiday photos fun! {Images by Gina Cristine Photography}

1.  Get Merry

In the picture below, the girls are holding a MERRY banner that I found on Pinterest as a free printable and assembled myself.  It was nice to have something for the kids to hold and keep their hands busy plus it gave a little vintage charm to our photos.

fun holiday photos

2. Give the kids a vote.

While I want our family photos to be coordinated, each of my kids has their own idea of what's comfortable and stylish.  On picture day the last thing you want is a battle!  For the above photo, Madeline is in tights - her favorite - and Ellie is in leggings - she loathes tights.  The girls are obsessed with my red Hunter boots and have always wanted pairs of their own.  They were happily surprised on Picture Day that they got to wear their new red boots!

fun holiday photo

3. Let it snow!

This is my FAVORITE new find.  Artificial snow that looks and feels just like REAL snow!  It is amazing and photographs so well!  This is not cotton or fake snow from your grandmother's Christmas scene.  This is a powder that when water is added, creates a chemical reaction and produces light, cold, fluffy, realistic snow.  Want more info?  You can purchase the artificial snow HERE.

There you have it!  You can see our big holiday card reveal in a few weeks when the cards are in the mail.

What are your tips and tricks for a fun holiday photo shoot?  Leave a comment or share your tips on our Facebook page!