One of the questions we get asked the most is "What to wear for holiday photos?" When dressing children of the same gender, shopping the same collection at your favorite store can make things super simple.

what to wear holiday photos

In the above looks featuring Janie & Jack's "Gent Sophistication" collection.  We took the blue plaid and wove it into each of the outfits for these four brothers keeping each look in the same color palate.  We talk a lot about giving each child in a family their own look and letting their own style show through and these outfits are a great example.

Some little dudes love a bow tie, some love a hat.  Some hate sweaters, some hate cords.  By keeping the kids' preferences in mind, you can create fun, coordinated looks in your families style without the fuss.

These guys are ready for Thanksgiving Dinner, picture day or a holiday party and you only had to shop at one store!  Did we solve your problem of what to wear holiday photos?

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