Wow oh wow.  When you combine kids' two most favorite things - snow and water - you know it's going to be nothing but fun!  Here was our trip to Snowland at Great Wolf Lodge.

Next time we go - oh there will be a next time - we are also going to hit up the beauty salon and bowling alley.  This time we couldn't peel the kids away from the snow in the lobby and the water slides!


One more thing to mention, at Great Wolf Lodge when you check in everyone gets bracelets.  For the adults, these are no ordinary get in the water park bracelets.  These bracelets are your room key and (if you choose) your debit/credit card!  No worrying about your wallet and room key - we literally walked down the hall from our room to the water park carrying nothing.  So brilliant!

We had a great time at Snowland at Great Wolf Lodge.  For our families coming from the Chicago area and the Nashville area, Cincinnati was a great spot to meet in the middle and have a fun mini vacation!

Has your family taken a trip to an indoor water park?