inauguration day kids It's Inauguration Day! While the President was officially sworn in in a private ceremony yesterday, today is the big celebration.  This Inauguration Day is even more special because it's Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday and the kids are home from school to watch.

I remember the last Inauguration Day.  I had an almost 2 year old on my lap barely pregnant with her little sister.  We watched as the first African American President was sworn in and I giggled every time Ellie would shout, "Barack O'Mama!"

This time around Ellie is almost 6, Madeline 3 and they will be home tomorrow for the nation's celebration.  Ellie has been learning about Martin Luther King, Jr. at school and is excited to watch the Inauguration as well.  Here are a few fun and easy ways to celebrate this day in history.

Inauguration Day Bingo

Inauguration Day Kids

Patriotic Pinwheel

Inauguration Day Kids

Red, White & Blue Treats

inauguration day kids

How is your family celebrating this historical day?