BabyList My first baby is turning six in just a few weeks.  SIX! That's one-third of the way to 18!

Ellie fell in love with the American Girl Doll of the Year 2013 and decided on a party with a few friends at American Girl Place in Chicago.  So fun!  Well now family has been asking what Ellie would like for her birthday.  Of course she wants all things Doll of the Year but there are a lot of little things to chose from.  And it would be a full time job to keep track of what outfit is being purchased by which relative.

Last week I installed BabyList in my toolbar and it helps create registries from any stores on the web.  Big box stores, boutiques, Etsy shops - it accepts them all.  When you see something you would like to add to your list, you just click BabyList and there it goes!  You can easily manage your registries on BabyList, write a message to friends and select how much access there is to your registries.

BabyList was perfect for Ellie's 6th birthday, despite the fact that she is in Kindergarten and no longer a baby, we worked together on our family computer to add her favorite American Girl things to to share with family across the country who have been looking for gift ideas.

BabyList would have been a life saver when we were registering for our first baby in 2007.  We had two stores where we registered but neither had the bedding we loved or the furniture we liked.  Some items were on both lists because our stroller was only available at a city location but maybe guests from the suburbs would prefer shopping at a big box store?


BabyList is basically Pinterest for gift registering.  Instead of pinning to an inspiration board, you are adding it directly to your registry that can be easily shared with shower guests, friends and family.  AMAZING, right?  There is even a quiz you can take that will personalize registry essentials for you!   Plus, in our situation, it is also great for as the child grows.


BabyList also has a blog filled with inspiration from nursery design to baby showers, they even featured tips for styling a newborn photo shoot last week!

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