The other day, as I was cleaning the kitchen, my 6 year old, Abryn had been very busy and very quiet for some time.  When I noticed what she was working on I just had to share it! She was making her own valentines for her friends at school.  With no help from mom, she drew 2 little hearts on the outside and colored them red and then on the inside wrote "i love you." She was very proud of herself and even asked me to video tape her! At that I laughed, but I thought a few pretty pictures and a quick tutorial would help your littles get started.  There is just something about receiving something handmade.

DIY Valentines


For the kids version of DIY Valentines, here is what you need:

-Paper, or card stock in any color (target) has a great $1 section filled with all kinds of valentine stickers, paper, envelopes etc.

- Envelopes + liners if you want to add a bit of detail

- Markers

- Valentine Stickers

- Glue Stick

Write a sweet little note on the inside of the card or use some of the classic valentine lingo like "your rad," "be mine," "so sweet," "hugs," etc.

Next decorate the envelope with stickers or hand drawn hearts and place the card in the envelope. Now for the glue...

Abryn's favorite part, use the glue stick to secure the envelope down or a big sticker and voila, pretty handmade valentines!

Do you make or buy your kids Valentine's Day cards?

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