Last Sunday was all about the kiddies and boy did we have fun. Baby Rhyan and I set out towards the big city to attend the Save the NY Aquarium Kid's Festival at Torly Kid. It was the highlight of our day and we had fun for a good cause. There were crafts, educational activities, movies, and food.

The festival was held to raise money for the NY Aquarium that suffered severe damage during Super Storm Sandy back in 2012. The aquarium has been shut down ever since and has been moving towards making repairs to prepare to reopen. I can't wait because I am so anxious to go. Kimberlyn J. Acevedo, Coordinator of Volunteers for the NY Aquarium, was on hand to teach the kids about marine life and animals.

The jellyfish making station, where the materials used were coffee filters, crepe paper, water, and markers transformed into jellyfish, was by far the coolest station. Simple materials made big fun for the little ones. I admit I was tempted to make my own, but Baby Rhyan was too young for that craft. But the boutique owner, Carol Adams, did not have a problem getting down with the kids. She was amazing.

Here is a craft that Baby Rhyan and I were able to participate in, fish decorating. We made our girly colored fishy using crepe paper and googly eyes. We named her Bzzsbzbzsbb (it's the spitting sound Baby Rhyan gave when I asked what her name would be). I love it.

The biggest hit of the festival for the adults were glitter tattoos. Baby Rhyan was too young to get any face paint or a glitter tattoo, which lasts for 2 weeks, so I sat in her place. It was quite fun and was pretty spectacular. I love my mermaid.

Carol Adams who is the owner of Torly Kid, opened her fun hip boutique in 2004 where it was formally called Babylicious. You can find fashionable pieces for your newborn to your tween. The clothes are unique and cool; no wonder they are known for being the "go-to" spot of Tribeca for anyone looking for something different for the littles. You can shop their website and I could not help myself so I had to give you my top picks.

          My Top Picks at Torly Kid