As a mom, date night can often be more hectic than hot: a screaming tot tosses her cookies on your outfit, you haven’t had time to get those highlights you so desperately need. Here’s a tip- book the sitter an hour early and take your time getting ready. Primping can be an event unto itself! Great tunes, a glass of champagne...relax and reinvigorate.  Here's what to wear on Valentine's Day night. Now is the time to invest in a new LBD if you haven’t updated your look in years. This number can get you from date night to business meeting to dancing ‘till dawn (ok, midnight) if you accessorize appropriately.

If you are feeling a little overlooked lately, spring for a red hot number and flaunt your favorite asset. Great legs? Try a slit. Enviable eyes? Select a color-enhancing hue. The goal is to feel confident and sexy. You know what your best asset is- if you don’t ask, your date. Never hurts to get an extra compliment!


One of my all time favorite parties to host is a Favorite Things party with my girlfriends, and what better event than Valentine’s Day to celebrate the love! Have each friend bring 5 of the same gift worth $5 each. At the end of the night, everyone goes home with five fabulous finds, curated by your inner circle.

A night in with friends calls for comfort, but not of the sweats and no make up variety (save that for the inevitable flu this season). One of my go-to home party outfits is a great pair of skinny jeans matched with a loose sweater. This allows you to get comfy on the floor but still amps up the chic vibe.

I have tried on dozens of pairs of skinny jeans, and am amazed to admit my favorite pair comes from Forever 21. At around $11, these hug your curves without robbing your wallet.

TLSF CasualComfort
Maybe you have a beloved Cheers-esque restaurant, and it gives you great comfort knowing they make a mean martini just the way you like it (shaken, with diamond-like ice chips floating on the surface). Don’t settle for your everyday uniform. A wrap dress in jersey or cotton keeps it casual while cinching your waist. Show a little cleavage or make it modest by adding a lace camisole. Pair with knee high boots and chunky jewelry.

What are your Valentine's Day plans?