It's February! I love the month of love. Sometimes the month of January can feel so long and gloomy post-holidays, so when the calendar flips to February, I'm ready to get into the Valentine's spirit! We get our paints and crayons and begin crafting Valentine's cards for all our sweet friends, we begin searching the internet for sweet treats to bake, and we peek into our closets to find reds and pinks for the perfect kids Valentine's Day clothes. I have two daughters who are as girly as can be, so they prefer the pinks, of course!

 Here are some pretty doses of pinks that I'm loving for girls, boys & babies:
Kids Valentine's Day Clothes | The Little Style File
Pinks clockwise from top left:
If you're like me, you prefer the classic reds. Before my little ones had strong opinions, I'd find the cutest little red outfits for them (I can still get away with dressing my 1.5-year-old, but her older sister always wants a say in her outfits). One year, I found the coolest Snoopy Valentine tee from a thrift store, which I made my older daughter wear the full month of February to get all the possible use out of it. I obviously can't repeat that find, but I did find some other sweet reds that are available in stores right now.
Here are my favorite red picks:
Kids Valentine's Day Clothes | The Little Style File
Reds clockwise from top left:
There are plenty of ways to make-do with what you have in your closets as well! Just look for some brightly colored patterns with hints of reds and pinks, mix and match patterns (polka dots + stripes are easy to mesh), add bright accessories, and they're good to go.
Dressing festively doesn't always have to mean spending extra money and extra time! Sometimes it's just about using what you have!