I’m excited to share with you this adorable Strawberry Birthday Party that I planned last weekend.  My client's last name is Berry and she picked this cute theme to go along with her daughters 1st birthday party. It is a super sweet party for a little girl!
Strawberry Birthday Party | The Little Style File
Strawberry Birthday Party | The Little Style File
For this Strawberry birthday party I thought I would make a homemade scrap banner. I have made many banners  and I have to say this scrap banner is my favorite. I love how it fills the back ground with texture and dimension. It is also great because there doesn't have to be any measuring and or sewing. That's right, NO SEWING and it only takes 3 STEPS. This little project is a great addition to any birthday party.
Scrap Banner Tutorial | The Little Style File
Here is a tutorial of this quick and easy scrap fabric banner:
  • Double sided fabric
  • String or thin ribbon
  • Scissors

You will want double sided fabric.  Most fabrics come with a print on one side and white on the other. This is fine if this is what you are going for, but I personally like my fabric to be the same on both sides. For the banner you see above I chose 6 different prints and I purchased a half a yard of each print.

STEP 1: Cut slits into the fabric. Using your hands, tear off each strip of fabric. I cut my strips about 2 inches each. This is what is so great is you don't have to be perfect, and all the sizes can be different.

STEP 2: Loop the fabric strip over your string.
STEP 3: Pull the two ends through the loop and pull tight!
Scrap Banner Tutorial | The Little Style File
You can check out more pictures and get details of the Strawberry Birthday Party here.