The Little Style File team is constantly inspired by moms who find a need, create a product and launch a successful business.  We were thrilled to have the opportunity to interview Jennie Hearing, mom to three and the Designer of Luna Leggings.  Here is what Jennie had to say about her brand, style and balancing it all.
Luna Leggings Designer
TLSF:  Luna Leggings are so bright and fun.  What inspires you when creating your designs?  Does your daughter get in on the process?
JH:  Luna Leggings designs are inspired by the outdoors, nature, and edible gardens, and our colors are inspired by young girls and what they actually love to wear!  The original Luna Leggings came from drawings I would do with my then 3-year old daughter - bright orange and pink butterflies and pink and purple hearts. And our super popular Rainbow Colorblock style from our current Spring Collection was actually a concept of hers.
Luna Leggings
TLSF: What about for the little girls who aren't fans of tights?  Are Luna Leggings different from 'regular' tights?

JH:  Luna Leggings are not your average tights!  The soft and extra thick nature of our organic cotton yarn make Luna Leggings wear and feel more like leggings - warm, comfortable, and durable.  They last wash after wash, wear after wear!
Luna Leggings
TLSF:  What are some of your favorite pieces in your daughters' closets?  What are theirs?
JH:  It's so much fun to dress little girls, when they let you!  The vast array of colors in my girls' wardrobes allow you to get super creative.  I love to mix and match styles and colors - delicate prints with bold stripes, neutral skirts and dresses with colorful tights or leggings.  Pink Chicken is a favorite for their gorgeous fabrics. I also love Kate Quinn for the simplicity and eco-friendly designs.  My girls love to layer - print tees over dresses with high tops, skirts over jeans, and of course Luna Leggings. Shorts with Luna Leggings is a staple look!
Luna Leggings
TLSF:  How would you describe your personal style?  What are some pieces every mom should have in their closet?
JH:  As a mom of three balancing work with running the kids around, I opt for more casual, sensible pieces, adding a touch of polish and funk when I can.  I can't have too many skinny jeans, tees and (preferably wrinkle-free) blazers.  Low-heel booties and ballet flats are also necessities.  Throw on a statement piece of jewelry - dangly earrings or a pendant necklace - or a fun, print scarf, and I'm ready!
Luna Leggings
TLSF:  How do you juggle life as a mom and entrepreneur?
JH:  My kids are young - 5, 2, and a new 1-month old baby!  So when starting Luna Leggings, I knew it was important to me to still be able to spend a lot of the ever-so-valuable day-to-day with them - snuggled up reading together in the middle of the day, going on outdoor adventures, and being there after school to hear all about the day.  I prefer to work around their schedules, usually nap times and nights.  And my girls, and now newborn, frequently accompany me to meetings.  It's not always easy - new growth often takes longer than I'd like - though keeping my priorities in mind allows me to be more peaceful with a slower pace.
Luna Leggings
TLSF:  What are your tips for moms who have a creative idea and are thinking about starting a business?
JH:  Start talking!  Share your ideas with others.  It's amazing how many will offer support, resources and important contacts.  It's all about connecting to learn how you'll best make your dreams come to life.  Surround yourself with positive, action-oriented people to inspire and give you the confidence and drive to act.  And when you truly believe you can do it, you can!
Thank you, Jennie, for letting us take a look into your life as designer and mom!  My daughter received Luna Leggings and she wants to wear them every day.  They are soft and great for play.  Here's Madeline wearing her Luna Leggings with attached tutu at the Barbie Party!
Luna Leggings with Attached Tutu
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