twin style | how to dress twins

Twin Style!  Being a mom of twins is busy but so fun! Trying to get these 2 minis wrangled down long enough to get dressed is a major feet and sometimes we keep it as simple as jammies! As a wardrobe stylist, I absolutely love to play dress up with my girls. I have a few tips to keeping them unique but similar and of course so darn cute!

I rarely dress them exactly the same, because one they are different in so many ways and two it would be hard not spending a fortune buying 2 of everything.

Shop the line... each retailer launches their clothing in lines, ie. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. When shopping at any store you will notice the cohesion within a line. Similar patter, print, color and theme. **money saver** shop end of seasons.

What I look for: 

This applies to same sex or boy girl twins 

2 bottoms (one pattern one solid)

2 tops (different color but same decal or theme on front)

1 dress & 1 skirt (if boys you could get a button up and a cardigan)

1 jacket & 1 vest (if available)

1 sweater or cardigan (go neutral but can have polka dots or stripes)

2 socks (different colors)


Dress the personality - My Arlie is the one in the pink top and she is my rough n tumble, all over, loves balls and running! She does not do well in skirts as she gets caught up and slowed down. I tend to put her in leggings and dresses. Adie, is in the leopard pants and is more dainty and cautious. She sits sweetly and observes vs running full steam ahead. Knowing this, helps me choose what to dress them in.

Build on what you have - If your like me, I am scrambling in the morning to get my big kids off to school and usually grab whatever is clean and available to throw on the twins. Believe it or not, this is when I put together some of the cutest looks.

twin style

A few quick rules: 

Try to keep 1 or 2 items the same (socks + shoes) this will tie it together

Offset the print with a neutral or solid (pant + sweater) you can always tone down a look with a cardi

Have fun with it, pick colors, polka dots, stripes, and animals

twin style | how to dress twins

This picture was from a little photo shoot for my accessory designs HeirBloom. Yes these are all mine! Count um, 1,2,3,4 5! I love styling family portraits in the not so normal way. I am known to use lots of different colors, prints and fabric textures. They are similar enough to still blend but allow for tons of personality! The twins were the stars of this shot, and I loved how simple Arlie (left) was in the denim dress, fussed up with a few pretties and Adie (right) had more of a stylized look which I softened with the lavender shrug.

How are you styling your minis?  Anyone with twins who dress themselves or have their own little unique style? Share your fav go to outfits with us! Send an email to & we will feature your little one's unique style!