There comes the time when we need to graduate our little one’s room from a nursery to a “big kid’s” room.  This is always bitter sweet, but an exciting time as well.  The idea of redoing a room can seem really daunting, not to mention expensive, but there are easy ways to do it on a budget to create a fun, warm new environment for you little one to grow up in.   Here are my favorite ideas for big kid rooms on a budget.  

big kids rooms on a budget | the little style file

One of my favorite ideas is finding lots of inexpensive frames at thrift stores or less expensive stores like Target and Ikea, and then spray paint them all sorts of fun colors.  You can then fill them with children’s drawings, wall paper, inexpensive kids’ art, photographs – anything you can imagine, and create a gallery of fun, bright colors on a wall.

Big Kids Rooms on a Budget | The Little Style File

A great place to find really creative artwork for a reasonable price is on Esty.  There are pages and pages of adorable, affordable artwork to choose from, and sometimes the artist will customize something for you!

There are lots of places to find affordable furniture for you little one such as Ikea, Target, antique stores, garage sales or second hand stores.  A fun way to personalize and update what you buy is to paint your furniture with bright colors or murals.  These painted dressers are from Ikea are so cute!

Big Kid Rooms on a Budget

When it comes to painting your little one’s room, sometimes painting every wall can seem too expensive or too much work.  A fun idea is to just paint one accent wall.  The accent wall should tie into the theme and color scheme of the entire room.  This red and white polka dot wall gives the room a playful, dramatic effect.

big kid rooms on a budget

The nautical striped wall is a fun way to spruce up a little boy’s room.

Your bedspread or comforter can really give a room a dramatic impact and you can get creative where you look for it.  Urban Outfitters has a great selection of fun duvets and bedspreads and they are at a very appealing price. So as you can see, you don’t have to break the bank to create a fun bedroom.  It’s also a good idea to let your little one help make choices in his or her new room.  It can be a big adjustment and this way, your little one feels he or she has some control and say in the process.

What are your favorite ways to decorate on big kids rooms on a budget?