Once children are of a certain age, they have very strong opinions about what they want to wear.  At our house, the biggest clothing battle happens after the sun goes down.  That's right, my girls are super picky about their pajamas! "Those pants are too tight!"

"I only want to wear a night gown!"

"Those PJ's aren't pink!"

The requirements for the perfect set of pajamas get longer and change by the day.  And at the end of the day, I want to get those kids to bed as smoothly as possible.  We recently discovered the Children's Place pajamas and they have a style that any child will love!

children's place pajamas

Nightgowns, tight pajamas, loose pajamas, tank tops, long sleeves - the Children's Place pajamas have every style and theme covered.

Our bribe reward  for the girls is to have a little sleepover on weekend nights if they go to bed on time and without drama during the week.  Ellie and Madeline loved that their Children's Place pajamas even came with coordinating scruchies.  They wear them as bracelets or to tie their hair back while they sleep.

children's place pajamas

children's place pajamaschildren's place pajamaschildren's place pajamas

Now it's your turn!  Show off your child's Slumber Party Style by sharing pictures via email (info@thelittlestylefile.com), on our Facebook Page, or tag @lilstylefile on Instagram or Twitter.  We'll post your cuties over the next week on our Facebook Page under our What They Wore album.


Disclosure: Our family was provided with product for this review, all opinions are honest and my own.