If you are like us, when we go to an event or a wedding that requires us to get all dressed up and out of our mom uniform, we get really excited! Of course would prefer to wear a new dress to every event or wedding that we attend but that isn't in our budget right now! We normally go for that little black dress we have in the closet that we can transform with different accessories. When we were introduced to Lendperk about a month ago I was beyond excited! Lendperk is the "netflix" of dresses. You are able to rent one dress a month for $20 and keep it for 2 weeks. If you have a lot of events and parties to attend you can rent an unlimited about of dresses in one month for $49! Cool right?

The part we like the most about Lendperk are the dresses! The dresses are all from Anthropologie, Modcloth etc.. They are dresses that will have everyone talking about when you are out on the town!

Lendperk Giveaway

Kristin and I attended the event in Chicago a few weeks ago. This was a perfect occasion for us to use Lendperk! I picked out adorable gold and red dress for the occasion. The thing I liked about lendperk the best was that since I was only "borrowing" the dress, I could pick something that was a little out of my comfort zone. If I was paying $200 for the dress, I probably wouldn't have bought it. I love that renting dresses from LendPerk allows you to try a different look, not break the bank and regret it later! You can step out of your comfort zone for a night!

LendPerk | The Little Style File

I cannot tell you how many compliments we both recieved on our dresses that night! People were stopping us all night long and asking us where our dresses came from!

LendPerk | The Little Style File

 LendPerk | The Little Style File


We are excited that LendPerk is giving one lucky winner a free two week rental dress! You can choose your favorite dress from their collection!

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