Family travel gets overwhelming at times. Packing for a whole family can take days and one of the best ways to make the process more fun and efficient is to stop packing for kids and instead get them involved. Making the planning process a fun experience can start the trip out on a really good note. Here are 5 great tips for packing WITH your kids instead of FOR them.  Here are 5 Fun Tips For Packing WITH Your Kids

Packing for Kids

  1. Make a checklist and ask for ideas. The first step - make a checklist! Start with the most important things (medication, first aid kit, clothing) and work your way down to the fun-list. Once you hit the fun list, ask your kids for packing ideas. You’ll be surprised at how much you forgot to think of!

  2. Your kids become stylists. Planning outfits ahead of time is a huge time-saver. Have fun with your kids and let them take a lead role in the process. Tell them how many outfits they’ll need and let them pick out their looks for the trip. They might need an extra bit of fashion advice or some “you can’t wear sandals in Alaska” help but you’re in for a good time!

  3. What toys do you want to bring? Bring less than you think you need. You know your kids. What do they get wrapped up in at home? Bring their favorite toys that take up the most time and the least amount of space. A pen and a pad of paper is a great place to start. Digital devices come in handy too, but don’t rely on your iPad to bring all the fun!

  4. Don’t forget snacks. Packing kid-friendly snacks is crucial. You know your kids’ favorites but let them pick one extra-special treat to bring along. This is a vacation so it’s always nice to bring extra-special sweets. A good snack can really change the mood!

  5. Pack disposable cameras. Buy each one of your kids a disposable camera before the trip. Give them the camera before you leave, and let them know that they’ll only have one camera from now until the end of the trip. Let them explore their inner photographer and give them full responsibility and freedom in their experience. Limiting the number of photos encourages creativity and focus on taking quality photos. When you get back, your kids may have fun creating a family vacation photo-journal using the physical photographs.

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