This spring is brining us lots of color and it's not just for the girls! The boys can join in the fun and look bright and stylish, too! How you ask? By adding pop color boys denim.  Mixing denim, stripes, and textures in every color you can think of lets your little man express his fun side. Fashion for boys has certainly stepped up. I remember the days where it was hard to find a plaid button up or denim that was NOT light wash cargo. I am even able to cross over and put my girls in a statement boy's blazer or jacket. It is right on trend to mix masculine and feminine. Pairing a military jacket with a ruffle gray tee and a denim skirt, yes please. Okay, back to the boys... Color denim is now considered a "dressy" new slack if you will. Pairing a nice mustard denim with a plaid button up, tie and jacket... love it.

pop color boys denim | the little style file

Ted Baker LAMBOW - Check linen bowtie / Gap Long Sleeve Chambray Shirt / Gap First Five Pocket Jeans / Zara Striped Sweatshirt / Quiksilver Boys 2-7 Shanty Jacket / Old Navy Boys Pop Color Skinny Jeans / Tiny TOMS Magenta Wool Fleece Botas Size 11 / TOMS Natural Burlap Bimini Tiny TOMS Classics size 8

A few style tips:

1. Pick your color denim first and then build from there.

2. Remember, a simple white tee and a pair of cool kicks is stylish enough, sometimes simple is better.

3. Look for a neutral jacket, like the green military that can easily be layered.  A plaid button up is a great statement piece and can be another layer when creating a more stylized look.

How are you styling your man? Or, how is he styling himself?