kids spring accessories

Photo Credits: Pictilio. Manus Chau. Silvana di Franco

Accessories can make or break an outfit. They really have the power to take a basic look and step it up a notch to make it notable. I have two little girls who absolutely love bows, sparkles, hats, shoes, necklaces.... you name it! It's fun for my daughters and me to pick pretty pieces that go with their outfits every day, so we've decided to share some of our spring favorites with you today for boys and girls.
I don't have any little boys of my own, but for the adorable little boys in your life, here are some ideas:
Kids Spring Accessories
4. Sunglasses. || 5. Bow tie. || 6. Hat. ||
7. Socks. || 8. Red HighTops. || 9. Gingham Tie.
The boys I know especially love the cool sneakers and watches. It's also fun for them to try to look like their daddies with ties and bow ties and Wayfair sunglasses.
Now for the girls: there is no end to cuteness for girls, so this is but a fraction of what I'm eyeing right now for my girls:
kids spring accessories
Sparkles, polka dots, and practicality all make for a fantastic spring accessory wardrobe. My girls love scarves because they're cheerful and costume-like, and I love that it makes it easy to keep them warm in the springy breezes. The barrettes and sparkly hair ties are an incentive to get them to let me brush their tangles, and the hats do all the work to cover the tangles if none of us want to battle the hair brushing. Shoelaces in appealing colors are the perfect way to spruce up old sneakers and make my girls want to wear them again, and a backpack is an ideal carrier for all the toys they think they need for every excursion.
We love accessories that help make getting dressed in the morning a fresh and exciting time for everyone!
What kids spring accessories are you loving?