It finally feels like Spring!  What am I most excited about? Being able to go outside and play.  Not just the kids, but me, too!  I'm down for a game of tag, bumping around the volleyball or helping with batting practice.  After being cooped up indoors for months, we all need to run around in the fresh air! It's so easy to not be active.  You're on the go - preschool drop off, dance lessons, baseball practice, play groups. Lunch begins to consist of eating the left over mac & cheese from the bottom of the pan and you wonder how you'll have time to clean up today's messes before the new ones come tomorrow.  We know the feeling so well.

But we're taking small steps and celebrating #TodaysVictory.  A healthy lifestyle is important for us because we keep the families running.  We are the teachers, the cooks, the cleaning crew, the stylists, the accountants... we do it all!  If we're not taking care of ourselves and making an effort to live a healthy lifestyle the whole family could fall apart!

A few of my recent victories happened with C9 by Champion at Target.  I found super cute and comfy C9 Champion trainers that pair nicely with my black yoga pants. I love the black yoga pants to pieces.  They are great for workouts but also can run errands and do drop offs while still looking put together. While house bound this winter, I also picked up new hand weights, yoga mat and workout dvds.  Everything I needed to add in workout time in our own home.  Even Madeline likes to get in on the moves with me while her big sis is at school!

Not only is getting moving important for the moms, but the entire family.  The weather is getting warm, go out and PLAY! Ride bikes with the kids, go on a nature walk, play tag.  Anything to get the whole family up and moving.  We promise everyone will have fun.

Have you recently had a victory big or small? Share it with us using the hashtag #TodaysVictory!


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