Shopping for the little ones is such a task sometimes. Don't you agree? I often get tired of going to the same stores and boutiques looking through the same racks & clothes. After going from store to store, online boutique to the next I realized I needed to pull out the laptop and get to work. I needed something new and stylish for my little lady. I searched & searched until I found some pretty cool places. I'm so excited to share them with you. I happened upon some oldies, some newbies, but nevertheless goodies. Three of my favorite kids clothing brands are Tea Collection, Zara Kids, and Finn & Emma.

The Tea Collection is a brand inspired by the world. Twice a year the company travels the world country to country looking for inspiration and they bring it back in original designs. Each piece is made with super soft cotton and there is nothing dull about it. There is nothing but super bright pieces that'll put a smile on anyone's face. 


ombre dress, tasseled scarf, striped tank, navy sandals, printed shorts, lime tee, white l/s tee, navy shorts, sandals

Their sizes run from newborn to big kids size up to size 12. They even have looks for mom as well. They are running a $25 off and free shipping on orders of $150 or more use the code: LETSGO25 when checking out.

When you talk about fashion and kids, you have to talk about Zara Kids. This brand does not hold back at all. Usually when I'm shopping for my little one I often find the cutsey, frilly girly clothing with one too many ruffles. I'm a fashionista and so is my little one (that is until she decides what she wants and likes). When I'm out shopping I'm trying to find the trendiest little items and Zara is definitely my first stop. Their sizes run from 3 months to big kids size 14.

Finn & Emma is a stylish, sustainable, and 100% organically grown brand. The clothing is super soft and durable. The upside to this company is that they sale clothing, toys, bedding, and gifts for the wee little ones. 

striped onesie, striped blanket, fuzzy booties, gym, crib bedding, stroller muff, wearable blanket, stuffed toy, wrap shirtfootie pants

Their sizes range from newborn to 18 months. Yes this one is only for the babies, but I couldn't talk about some of my fave brands without mentioning them. 

What are your favorite kids brands?

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