Once upon a time, I could wake up in the morning, take a shower, eat breakfast, stand in my closet for a while until I decided what to wear, blow dry my hair and put on some make up.  I even had time to change outfits if I didn’t like what I chose! Alas, now as a mommy, those days are long gone.  I’m lucky to brush my hair and put on something clean as I run around the house trying to get my preschooler ready for school and get myself off to work.  I love fashion, but many times you would never know it by how I look!  So I am always trying to find the best ways to somehow look slightly put together, feel comfortable and do so in about 20 seconds.  I have put together some fashion suggestions that are both on trend, comfortable and especially good for mamas.  Rev up your engines ladies…here we go!

Spring Basics for Mom | The Little Style File

Printed Pants – printed pants have been and continue to be a big trend right now.  Skinny jeans, harem pants, capris – there is a style for everyone.  You can find anything from floral prints to ethnic prints to polka dots, the list goes on.  And why do I think these are super duper great for mamas?  Well, just throw on a t shirt or button down and voila, you look stylish in a matter of seconds with your sassy statement pants.  But I save the best for last – don’t worry if your baby spits up on them, or your toddler spills apple sauce on them, you can just pretend its part of the design!  “No, silly, that’s not poop, that’s part of the pattern.”

Boots – boots are a big trend now as well even for Spring – low, mid calf, high – they all look cute.  Boots easily give an otherwise simple outfit a lot of va-va-voom!  Pair some up with skinny jeans or a cute dress – easy breezy and tres chic.  And you know what, mamas?  They can also make you feel self confident and strong.    So when your preschooler starts having a melt down when you tell her “no, you cannot wear my underwear as a hat to school for show and tell” you’ll be in your boots feeling self assured that you can survive this tantrum calm, cool and collect (and stylish).

Tunics – ahhhh tunics, these are a mother’s savior.  There are oh so many things I love about tunics.  First off, pair them with some leggings or skinny jeans and you look great in a matter of seconds.  However, what’s even better about them is when you are going through that awkward body transitioning period from just having a baby to slowly losing the baby weight; tunics are a great way to hide your little belly.  Not to mention your tush if that grew a bit too!  (mine did!)  So buy a slew of them and enjoy!  You’ll feel cozy and look great.

Statement glasses – big for Spring 2013 are fun statement glasses.  Cool shapes, fun prints and bright colors.  Feeling like you’re outfit looks boring?  Well then throw on a pair of these glasses to zazz things up.  Eyes bloodshot with dark circles from nursing half the night or being woken up by a toddler at 4 am?  Well, get these sunglasses on and just look cool.  No one has to know you’re about to pass out from exhaustion.