Motherhood means so many things to me as I am sure it does to all of you. It is not only one of the most challenging things in life but it is also the greatest blessing I have been given. Bearing the title of Mother is something I don't take for granted  It can be taken away from us all too soon. Losing my own mother to breast cancer when I was 11 left me with only a handful of memories.  I will always remember visiting the zoo on weekends, picnics in the park, going to the Dairy Queen after swim lessons, and how my mom always made sure we had fancy birthday cakes. Now that I am a mother of a little girl, my mission is to make sure I provide her a life full of quality time to form her own memories; even if it may be something as simple as eating reindeer pancakes on Christmas morning or cherishing playtime at the park while she giggles as I push her on the swing.

Photo taken at Storybook Island.

So here's to all of us moms who are: the mac n' cheese and cupcake queens of the kitchen, the finders of lost hair bows and footballs, or the healers/kissers of scrapped knees and elbows.  Whether it's your heart melting when your child says, "I love you" on those days when you need to hear it the most, stepping on one too many Legos, and knowing we will always be the first person our children loved, they're all reminders that we need to enjoy both the little and the big moments that come with all goes by way too fast.

Most of all, Motherhood needs to be made up of silly, crazy, kodak moments with your family as you never know what you all will remember the most!

What are your Mother's day plans?