If your family is anything like mine, we go through cans of coffee and oatmeal with alarming speed each week.  We also seem to always need containers for something, like art supplies, kitchen utensils, pens and pencils or spare change.  The latest creative kids art project I set up for my girls was to teach them how to make upcycled containers into something useful and pretty! I really love that they are learning (young!) how to reduce waste and find new ways to use discarded objects. how to make upcycled containers

This is one of those projects where any of your outgrown clothing, old tshirts, fabric scraps, junk mail...really ANYTHING can be used!

creative kids projects from thelittlestylefile.com


small or large cans (empty) cans (coffee, oatmeal, canned food)

Mod Podge

fabric scraps, paper, buttons, ribbon, lace, etc...

paint brushes

glue gun (not necessary, but please...only parents do this part!)


There are no rules for doing this project. Just have the kids coat one area at a time with the Mod Podge and apply their scraps! When dry, they can also coat the top of the paper/fabric for added durability.

creative kids art projects from thelittlestylefile.com

how to make upcycled containers

I don’t intervene in their creative process at all. Tere is no right or wrong way to do this, so let the kids explore! We used our containers for a planter, kitchen utensil holder and more art supply containers. This is also a great learning opportunity for children. Teach them not to throw anything away that can be used again for an upcycling project!


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