Many will celebrate Memorial Day weekend surrounded with family and friends honoring those who have served our country by showing their Patriotic pride. Memorial Day is also a great time to teach our children the importance of freedom. Children and treats go hand in hand, and what better way to get them involved in understanding the meaning of Memorial Day than to create a treat box! To get your children into the spirit of remembering those who have served our country this is really a fun and simple craft for all ages to enjoy.

My little one loved peeling the stickers and was able to apply them herself.

Once she finished decorating her box we filled it with chocolate chip cookies and delivered this sweet treat to our neighbor. Older children could drop these off at a local VFW or hospital.  In addition to giving away the treat boxes you could offer them to guests as a way to take home leftovers from a Memorial Day BBQ.

Fill the boxes with cookies or any treat of your choice.  Add ribbon and your treat box is ready for delivery!

*The takeout boxes can be found at your local craft store. Children of all ages can enjoy decorating them with markers, patriotic foam stickers, and ribbon.

Happy Memorial Day from The Little Style File! What are your holiday plans?


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