We just returned from travelling to DC with both kids (aged 2.5 and 6 mos). This was our first time flying with both kids to a city where we have no family or friends – translation: we had to bring all of our own gear! Thankfully we survived and things went smoothly, thanks in large part to planning and some awesome products and services.  Here are some of my tips!

Getting there

We booked our flight early morning to coincide with my little ones naptime.

Since my daughter no longer flies free, we purchased her ticket and created a frequent flyer account for her with the airline, so she could earn miles.

Hotel: Call in advance and ask for the following (which are usually free): -room away from the elevator

-a crib and/or pack in play

-a refrigerator in your room

Car Service: Since we had to bring our car seats with us, a regular taxi was a bit too cramped! Going Green Limousines in Chicago was terrific. Roomy SUVs, friendly service, they supply car seats (if needed) and give you Loyalty Rewards for future use. This made our trip to and from the airport really easy!

Organize: Create a tripit account, send all of your confirmation emails there and it will create an itinerary for you. Your mind will be blown at how easy and fast this is!

Baggage: We checked our car seats (see note under Gear) and Gate Checked our Stroller. Remember once you arrive at the Gate, head to the desk to pick up your gate check tag. Remember to leave your items at the end of the ramp prior to getting on the plane, you will find them there upon deplaning.

Must have gear for traveling with kids via The Little Style File

Car Seats: We brought our infant seat and toddler car seat. The GoGo Kidz wheels are a must-have for the toddler seat! As are covers for your car seats since the airlines do not always have bags. For the infant seat, a large garbage bag works (nothing fancy), but for the toddler seat, this works great and you can easily leave the GoGo Kidz Wheels attached.

Umbrella Stroller: Hands down the Uppa Baby GLuxe  is the best. It’s survived countless flights, folds easily and stands straight.  My favorite feature is that it reclines!

Carriers: My 6 month old loves being in his carriers. He’s taken to napping in the Ergo, but when he’s awake he loves facing forward in the Bjorn Active Carrier.

Nursing/Feeding Gear: I packed my Medela Pump in Style Advanced Backpack full of several Comotomo bottles, a bottle brush and some Dapple for washing. I also brought along a case with an ice pack to keep the bottle cool. Be sure to check out the TSA Guidelines before you go.

Diaper Bag: Full of diapers, wipes, hand sanitizer, pacifiers, snacks, sippy cup. Want to know  the rest of my diaper bag must haves? Find them here.

Infant & Toddler Picks: Toys and Food are the winning combo! I also try to bring something of comfort from home (ie: a blanket) and surprise them with some new toys, books and/or apps to keep them busy!

kids travel gear

Left to Right: 

Links/ Sophie the Giraffe/ Ella's Kitchen/Beaba Spoons

Kids Headphones/iPad+Case/My Little Pony/Travel Aquadoodles

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What are your must haves for traveling with kids?

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