With school just getting out for Summer break, I am realizing what a full year my girls had with all of the artwork, projects and homework that came flooding in. We have stacks. We have piles. We have nowhere to put all of it! I feel guilty throwing all of their hard work away, and I really do want to remember all of their creations in the years to come. It dawned on me that I could take pictures of their most special projects and moments from this last school year and put them in a book - a School Year Memory Book. Books take up very little space and I could toss the actual stacks of creations!  Enter my newest obsession...Artifact Uprising.

It is SO easy to import photos and create books! They have many different sizes, but I love the little 5.5” x 5.5” softcover books. The paper is really great quality and for 40 pages, it’s only $12.99!

How To Make School Year Memory Books

For Zoe’s Second Grade book, I included photos of so many special moments from the year, not even school related. She was SO proud of her report on Arctic Foxes, so I definitely included that. The books are small (or large if you want to go bigger!), so I can still enjoy the memories without the storage problems!  I also left some pages blank and just included a few lines about each child, what they like, who they are, etc...

how to make School Year Memory Books

school year memory books

For Delia’s book, I included photos I took in her dance recital costume, pictures of her favorite books she likes to read, and more little snippets of info about who she is at 6 years old.

These little books make GREAT gifts for grandparents, as well! I’ve made several now, all with different themes. Are you on Instagram? They even have Instagram-friendly books, too! Once you get started with their fun and easy format, you’ll spend hours just plugging in photos! Have fun!